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Certified Staging Professional and Residential Transition Specialist

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Deborah is a compassionate professional, known for her ability to create attractive and marketable spaces. She excels in interpersonal skills, with a caring and understanding nature, an attentive listener, and a strong work ethic. Her perfectionist mindset and "get it done" attitude make her a reliable choice. Deborah specializes in property staging to maximize its potential and offers expert guidance for downsizing needs.

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Staging Consultations

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Occupied Staging

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Vacation Rental Design

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Senior Downsizing/Rightsizing

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Home Redesign

Shopping Services

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Ross Bradsen

Co-founder | Handyman/Renovation Services

Ross, an experienced engineer and director in project management, has overseen the construction of three cottages and multiple home renovations. Renowned for his methodical, tireless work ethic, and creative problem-solving abilities, Ross is a reliable professional who consistently delivers excellent results. He's as solid as they come and won't let you down!

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Kitchen & Bath

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Tiling, Painting

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Furniture Assembly

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Decks, Doors

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Design & Build

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Lighting & Fixtures

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Reno & Repair

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Power Washing

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Landscape, Yardwork

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Oasis Staging - Our Difference

At Oasis Staging, Deborah and Ross form the perfect partnership, dedicated to providing invaluable assistance to both home sellers and real estate professionals. Our mission is to help home sellers prepare their properties for the market, optimize their financial potential, and facilitate seamless transitions for seniors looking to downsize.

Drawing upon our wealth of expertise, skills, knowledge, and abilities, we stand by your side throughout the preparation and staging of your home. We also foster collaborative relationships with industry experts, ensuring comprehensive support for any challenges that may arise.

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Client Testimonial

Deborah and Ross were wonderful to work with! Deborah's creative approach to using the furniture we already had and Ross's multitude of repairs and upgrades meant that we were able to sell our house

at a much higher price!

Lauren M

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$400 for up to 2hrs

The objective is to present the seller with a comprehensive visual marketing strategy and a customized list of suggestions. These recommendations aim to ensure the highest possible return on their investment, assist in preparing their home for a successful sale, and optimize the value of their most significant asset.

Recommendations include:

items that need to be removed, pre-packed or stored.

✔ how the existing furnishings should be positioned for the best photos.

✔ what needs to be upgraded, cleaned, repaired, painted, or renovated.

✔ paint color recommendations.

✔ what needs to be purchased or rented to enhance each space.

✔ what improvements can be made to exterior spaces to maximize curb appeal.

The homeowner-centric consultation is tailored for individuals who plan to continue residing in their homes while up for sale, and are willing to take on some or all of the staging tasks themselves. We leverage their existing furniture and decor whenever feasible and enhance the overall presentation with our creative insights and proven techniques. Our goal is to suggest optimal furniture arrangements that accentuate the property's strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. Additionally, we provide guidance on cost-effective upgrades and repairs that offer the best return on investment, ultimately enhancing the appeal for today's homebuyers who seek a turnkey experience.

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Contact us to learn more.

For larger homes, or if more than 2 hours are needed, we can continue working at $125/hr.


Utilizing the client's existing furnishings serves as a cost-effective approach, ensuring homeowners' comfort during the property's time on the market, thereby mitigating stress and upheaval. Our comprehensive guidance offers practical tips for maintaining a show-ready home, and our tailored recommendations alleviate overwhelming aspects, fostering motivation for the necessary preparations.

Our foremost consideration in all recommendations is the return on investment, with the ultimate aim being to maximize the property's market value. Home staging is not about making a home look pretty; it is a strategic merchandising effort designed to enhance marketability and distinguish the property from its competitors. A well-prepared home enables prospective buyers to envision themselves living there, fostering a desire to make a purchase.

Should the need arise, we offer the option to incorporate rental furniture and accessories, which can be facilitated alongside an array of supplementary services such as repairs, painting, cleaning, storage, junk removal, and landscaping. Our in-house Handyman Services are readily available. For homeowners with demanding schedules or those unable to oversee the project personally, we offer comprehensive project management services. We are dedicated to providing support tailored to your specific needs, whether minimal or extensive.

Photo Prep - $400 for up to 2hrs

Exceptional photographs play a pivotal role in enticing prospective buyers or clients, especially in today's era where online shopping takes precedence. It's the intricate details that truly matter. Consequently, just prior to capturing the marketing images, we revisit the property to meticulously refine and enhance each space, ensuring that the home radiates picture-perfect allure.

It's worth noting that the home must be in impeccable condition, with all renovations, painting, and pre-packing completed before we initiate the photo preparation,

For larger homes, or if more than 2 hours are needed, can continue working at $125/hr.

Residential Transition Service - Consultation $400 for up to 2 hrs

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At Oasis Staging, we also specialize in the challenging journey of downsizing or rightsizing for seniors. We provide the support and expertise needed to make this transition smooth, stress-free, and ultimately fulfilling. Seniors require tailored assistance, and we are dedicated to understanding their unique needs and goals. From streamlining possessions and optimizing living spaces to facilitating the emotional and logistical aspects of the move, we are with you every step of the way. Our signature personalized approach stems from our commitment to fostering trust and open communication. We take the time!

Home Preparation Project Management

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At Oasis Staging we offer as much or as little help as needed to help sellers get a home prepared for sale! For those who are not able, or too busy, we can manage the entire project. With our in-house handyman services, many of the upgrades and repairs can be done directly with us. For other needs such as deep cleaning, storage, junk removal, and more we have experts we collaborate with who we can call in to help. Your satisfaction is always our top priority and we will work with you to complete as many of the recommendations as possible that maximize the value of your home but with consideration to your timeframe and budget.

Some of Our Transformations



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Additional Services

DIY, tools
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Handyman Services

We have our own in-house handyman services - plumbing, drywall, electrical, repairs, flooring, tiling, painting, renovation, landscaping, and more to help you get your home ready quickly and without all the stress.

Full Service Staging

Short-Term Rental Styling

STR styling and design is more involved than home staging in order to create an unforgettable guest experience. Function, durability as well as stunning design is essential to help your rental stand out from the crowd. Each project priced individually.

When a property is vacant we offer full service staging. We will bring in all the necessary furniture, art and accessories, customized and curated for that project, to make it wow in those listing photos.

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Interior Design

Home Redesign

We use our same expert design principles and processes to curate a home for you, based on your individual taste and style and using your favorite pieces to pull it all together into the home of your dreams.

Shopping Service

Offered at $125 per hour. This service is invaluable for homeowners who are either too busy or overwhelmed to go shopping themselves. Getting your home ready to sell can be time consuming and a lot of work, so let us be there to help.

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Our Story

Hello there! We are Deborah and Ross, the husband and wife team behind Oasis staging who decided to create a business together that utilizes both of our passions, natural talents, skills and expertise in a complimentary way.

Deborah, with a lifelong passion for interior design and after staging several of her own and friends homes when selling, designing and decorating a newly built cottage from scratch, and also her current home after an extensive renovation, she decided that this is what she wanted to do full time. So, she got certified as a Home Staging Professional and Residential Transition Specialist through the Canadian Staging Professionals International Academy, and also as a Short-Term Rental Design Specialist through the Home Staging Resource Academy. Her expertise is in understanding what it takes to make a property marketable.

Ross, on the other hand, has an engineering background, and love of all things DIY. He has project managed the creation, architectural design and build of three cottages in Muskoka and undertaken several of his own major home renovations doing much of the work himself. He takes great personal pride in the quality and craftmanship of his work. Anything one man can do... he can do. And he has has the tools to get it done!

Together, we offer a one-stop-shop for real estate professionals, homeowners, seniors looking to downsize, and short-term rental hosts. From staging to design to handyman solutions, we've got you covered, tailored to your preferences.

Whether you need a little help or full project management, we're here to meet your needs with enthusiasm and a smile. We see each project as a new and exciting challenge and we look forward to helping you with yours!

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Oasis Staging is a key part of a successful marketing team.

Home Staging is an Investment not a cost. It maximizes the value of your property and is one of the best marketing tools you can utilize!

Unlike many other stagers, Deborah is a Canadian Certified Staging Professional, and Residential Transition Specialist, who has trained and passed both theory and practical examinations. CSPs have the skills needed to stage any property, create an emotional connection with buyers, and help them “fall in love” with your home.

Contact us to learn more.

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